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Drop the Flash Website

Flash websites are way past their expiry date. Before smart phones became a household item, certain flash elements on restaurant websites could be tolerated. Now, a number of devices do not even support flash content. An example of such are iPhones and iPads (see unnamed restaurant flash website below).

There’s a partial solution on the way for those who are comfortable with investing $4500 for a Flash Media Server license. Fact remains though, it’s still no solution for web design as a whole. Limit yourself to using flash only for non-critical media or other decorative content, but not for any important information. You’re only hurting your bottom-line.

restaurant flash websites

If you still want to stick with Flash, the only route would be to create alternate content through an SWFObject. The downside is you’re constantly creating & updating content on two sides, a nightmare that can be avoided by having a responsive design that degrades well (and utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 to replicate any “flashy” features).

Do the world a favor, lose the flash.

Noel Tock

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