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Mobile Optimization

This goes without saying, but mobile has just become far too important to overlook. If you pull up your restaurants website on your mobile phone now, does everything function nicely? Does it download the entire page in a reasonable amount of time?

Usually the most cost-efficient manner of setting up your site for mobile success is by using a responsive grid framework (as the work is already done for you). There’s no point in buying a second web package just for mobile (not to mention, some of those prices are insane). This has the great advantage of only having to input data for one website as opposed to two.

restaurant mobile optimization

When developing for mobile, also take into consideration the limited amount of space that people can interact with. So instead of having a series of tiny navigational buttons, you can just have one drop down (like our example above).


  • Periodically check your website is working on Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.).
  • Use a responsive framework that utilizes media queries to gracefully adapt to different devices.
  • Think about how your users would use your site differently on mobile then desktop (maybe different circumstances too).

If you’ve never given mobile much thought till today, consider this, Yelp gets a quarter of their traffic through mobile. It’s more relevant than ever for restaurant websites, are you losing out on revenue because of it?

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