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Tips & Tricks on getting more out of your restaurant website

Location Photography

Oftentimes we’ll see restaurant websites use rather uninviting or bland photography. What we mean by that, are pictures that do not show the restaurant at its best or evoke much of a response. Thus, it’s important to represent your restaurant as you want it to be perceived; popular, great food, awesome atmosphere and happy people! Taking pictures when the restaurant is closed because that’s a convenient time won’t do your business any justice. Show your establishment at its best!

Show Activity

Whilst some restaurants barely get away with showing an empty dining room, bars & pubs have no room for error here. If you’re worried about privacy, use a longer exposure to blur peoples faces (similar to the picture below)

location photography for restaurants

Alternatively, some guests are happy to have their picture taken so don’t be scared to ask (just don’t ask them to take on unnatural eating poses)

Cover all your Bases

Take a fair amount of interior and exterior shots so that you can really recreate the restaurant experience on your website. For outdoor images, shooting at night creates an awesome atmosphere. Take the Sherlock Holmes Pub in London for example:

The lighting at night really provides a lot more warmth and shows some interior activity, which the sunlight would otherwise hide. Obviously, if your establishment on the beach, a sunny day works just as well!

Create Depth

To create a sense of depth on your website, find images that have both a foreground and background. This is especially important if you plan on stretching an image across the entire background of your website.

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